Testimonials: Liberating The Solar Plexus

I was aware of so much space there! Then when you moved into the tar layer, that is exactly what it felt like and I could get there. I’ve never known there to be so much space in there. Feels light in there, was heavy!”


“I went from needing a pick axe and a bucket for taking things out of there to at the end wearing a crown and stoking a fire. I got my sovereignty!”


“In a recent meditation, the light could not come in, I felt a block of steel right in front of me, the more I prayed it became a big block of heavy stones. And now I can feel that the light is coming in- a beam of light is focusing in there and clearing it out. Felt good by the end, feeling lighter.”


“I had a lot of purging, couldn’t stop crying. A lot of emotions, grief, sadness, anger, frustration coming up. Lots of releasing with yawning, burping. When you talked about Egyptian, I had a vision of all of us very powerful beings just surrendering our power and giving it away. It was very powerful!”


“I felt, almost like in my solar plexus like a hole and this very bright light coming out of it. Very thin, very bright light was coming out in the beginning coming through an empty cavern. Such a piercing light that came from my solar plexus. I wanted to make it bigger and bigger.”


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