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Energy Detox & Activations

The Weekly Soulworks


I have had the call to create this content for some time.  The intention is to clear lower frequency energies and raise our vibration via activations. Along with these processes, there will be a space created to provide support and guidance.

This is a weekly program with 4 Zoom video calls per month.  The calls will start with a check in to see how everyone is doing, what support is needed followed by a process.  These calls will be anywhere from 60-90 minutes in duration.  

Clear out the human collective programs, low frequency energies & the fear walls that are limiting our expansion

Activate & Amplify

·       The current stream of energies coming in

·       Activating the light codes to integrate effectively

·       Amplify the light code streams

·       Accelerating the transformation of the light code streams


·       Discuss any concerns or confusion coming up with the                 everchanging current situation and transmute them

·       Discuss how the timeline process works

·       How we can contribute to accelerate the process of shift

·       What we can take ownership for

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Monthly subscription includes all archived sessions. Member access only! Never miss a session. Listen over and over again.

The Soulwork Method will facilitate you in two key areas: your evolution to a higher vibrational level/ascension and dissolving the veils of illusions and negative programs uncovering your True Self and Empowerment.

Ravinder navigates the gap between the physical aspect of our issue or condition and their energetic origins to give you the optimal approach to resolve the issue. Gifted in clairvoyant, clairaudient and exceptional intuitive skills, she has combined many energetic tools including higher self to higher self communication, light language, DNA activation, long distance energy healing, spiritual psychotherapy, ascension frequencies, and others to provide what is best suited during each session. Take a look at private sessions 


Time to shine our light.


2-Part Activation

Break free of the inverted matrix layers in the heart that are now ready to go. Feel the lightness as these layers are removed.

Raising Self Mastery

The solar plexus is very hijacked and hides a very important part of our true essence. In this workshop, I will guide you to see and feel all the layers and implants etc. that have made the solar plexus our hiding place. 

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Monthly Subscription 

10 different meditation processes to clear out and resolve specific negative emotional states including an SOS meditation process for acute intense emotional states.