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Reuniting Body & Soul
As I search for the terminology to describe my healing session with Dr. Gill, all that comes to mind is “medicine of the future”. She is profoundly intuitive and connected with a sensitivity and knowing that is an experience in itself. With no prompting, cues or clues from me she unearthed and healed the moat mirky, elusive and undefined issues, issues that have inflamed the meniscus of my consciousness for decades. The word “emancipation” falls short as I didn't know what I was carrying till I let it go. She identified characters in the script on my life, physical issues, both seen and unseen, clarifying their roles while releasing what did not serve. Last night I slept like I have never slept. Thank you, thank you thank you Dr. Gill

~ Peter Nelson

I've had a profound healing such as this from my beautiful friend and Naturopath Dr. Ravinder Gill. Dr. Gill is pioneering the way forward for healers/doctors who treat the deep underlying causes of dis-ease, facilitating whole-healing. This is treatment that far surpasses conventional boundaries. Thank your Ravi for sharing your gifts.
~ Evelyn Guadalupe