Over the 20 years of offering sessions, I have developed a system of going into the energetics of the soul, spirit and physical realms. A system that unravels the layers of what makes each of us unique and brings forth an expanded level of awareness. A higher consciousness understanding of who we really are and the multidimensional realms of our existence. I call this system The Soulwork Method as it traverses the gap  between these realms giving us that deeper understanding.


The Soulwork Method will facilitate you in two key areas: your evolution to a higher vibrational level/ascension and dissolving the veils of illusions and negative programs uncovering your True Self and Empowerment.


How can this work help you?

My clients come to me looking for higher guidance on a variety of issues including:

  • Ascension symptoms

  • Relationship- romantic, parent/child, friend issues

  • Business- clarity of direction, employee issues

  • Personal growth- release old stories/programs that are no longer serving you

  • Life direction - desiring higher self guidance for next steps

  • Health and physical pain


What will you experience from these sessions?

  •  Clarity

  • Direction

  • Lightness

  • Self love

  • Motivation

  • Faster manifestation abilities

  • Becoming the YOU that you have always envisioned


I utilize my clairvoyant and other intuitive skills while also teaming up with your Guides, Divine Beings and Source during a session. I also provide a safe and sacred space to allow you to be as vulnerable as needed to really go deep and release.


We can all have the clarity and expanded state we need to live our lives from a higher dimensional and more soul purpose place. Let's work together and uplevel your life!