This is an era of such change and the need for RESILIENCE cannot be greater. Having the ability to build resilience at any stage of life will help us ride the waves of change rather than being caught in them.  The spectrum and intensity of feelings and emotions that come up can leave us feeling like a boat with no anchor during an ocean storm being swung about by the force of each wave.  Practicing how to create our own anchor and grounding will create incredible resilience for you going forward.


These waves can lead to many types of emotions from fear to anger, pain to despair and the stories surrounding them can sweep us away. Being caught up in the disturbance drains our energy and keeps us distracted taking us further away from our alignment and higher vibration.  In addition, often times we suppress these emotions as they can seem overwhelming and without the proper means to address them pushing them down can seem like the only option. Denying feelings and emotions and acting like everything is fine will eventually lead to more intense emotional states such as depression or rage.  They also lead to developing unhealthy coping methods such as increased alcohol consumption or developing other addictions to numb ourselves. 

"I have designed each meditation for you with a built in activation frequency to assist with ascension."


It is crucial that we keep our vibration as high as possible at this time and process all of the normal human emotions we go through as efficiently as possible.  Taking us from a feeling helpless and disempowered state to an empowered higher vibe one.  Reaching our intentions of rising up to the Fifth dimensional state of bliss. This is why I have developed this daily toolbox for you. So that we can all rise up from being pummeled by the waves and find the stillness in the storm.

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Who is The Toolbox for?

If you are having moments of:

  • struggling with anger, despair, anxiety, fear etc.

  • feeling  the uncertainty for the future

  • not being able to plan

  • a sense of having no control over your life

  • frustration with feeling trapped

  • uncertainty of the unkown

  • confusion

If you resonated with any of these experiences then this toolbox will help you. Something may even feel off in the pit of your stomach, but leaves you with a sense of confusion and apprehension.  This is normal as life has been such a roller coaster ride since 2020. There are several processes that are short so that you can do them daily and very effective in overcoming your emotional state bringing you back into balance making the rest of your day flow.

What is included in The Toolbox?

  • 10 different meditation processes to clear out and resolve specific negative emotional states including an SOS meditation process for acute intense emotional states. Unlimited with monthly subscription 

  • Tools for building resilience – learn how to use and improve upon a technique to build physiological and mental resilience to become comfortable in the discomfort


Both physical pain and mental/emotional pain can lead to a lot of anguish and take over not allowing you to think of much else.  This meditation will guide you to soothe the pain and calm the nervous system back into its healing and repair state. Bringing calm to your body and spirit.

Hopeless to Hope

The sense of hopelessness and despair lowers our frequency into a survival fight or flight state and then heads to depression.  This uplifting and relaxing meditation will transform your state of being into inspiration and hope, seeing the silver linings in the present and excitement for the future.


Losing something or someone will put us into a state of grieving the loss, feeling the void for what is no longer and the wistfulness of what was. Loss of everyday experiences or freedoms can be a difficult adjustment. This meditation will assist you in getting through this state and find relief.


Let go of fear, worries and stresses that are making you anxious.  This can suck a lot of energy.  Shift into peace and surrender.


The lack of confidence will cause us to shrink away and play small causing our self-esteem to plummet even further. This meditation will remind you of who you really are and how the insecurities created by the stories we believe about our self are just not important.  Reaching a level of inner knowing of yourself, your unique energy signature will elevate and raise your sense of self awareness and self-worth.

Elevate & Expand

Raising your frequency and vibration allows you to come into a deeper connection with your own inner wisdom, soul and spirit.  Bring in the positive vibrations and light frequencies to achieve your bliss.


Self-mastery is the key to moving through times of struggle and making them times of joy.  These can be the times when your greatest creativity comes out.  Shift your alignment to your greater knowing as the Divine Being you are.

Grounding & Anchoring Within

Stress and overwhelm can throw us off our center leaving us feeling unrooted.  Find your grounding in this meditation and a new way to anchor within your own self allowing for you to feel in control and take control back regardless of the state of affairs surrounding you.


Anger and frustration create a lot of tension inside and can be very all consuming.  Suppressed anger can also be an issue as it can lead to passive aggressive behaviours and not recognize that they are due to the unexpressed emotions.  This meditation will use toning to let go of the intensity of the anger and then bringing your focus back to what is important and letting it go bringing you back to peace and tranquility.

Acute SOS

Acute anxiety, panic, high stress are states we can easily get into when our surroundings seem chaotic.  Using breath and toning to let go of the tension and constriction created from being highly stressed leading to a calmer more peaceful state, building resilience.


3 Wim Hof Videos for building resilience

Building Resilience – Wim Hof – in this video, I discuss the benefits of the breathing and cold shower techniques.  How they change our ability to handle challenges, allow us to find a state of being comfortable in the uncomfortable and the effect on physiology.

Wim Hof Cold Shower – The cold shower method is another important aspect of building the mental, emotional and physical strength and resilience.  It uses aspects of the naturopathic hydrotherapy principle which was used for resolving TB, diabetes and many other illnesses for over a century.  In this video I will guide you in how to improve upon this method.

Wim Hof breathing- This breathing technique is an effective way to build mental, emotional and physical resilience which you can follow on his App and Youtube videos.  This session will show you how to improve on his breathing technique to make it more effective.

So many of us are feeling anxious and hopeless these days.  And more importantly we don’t quite know what to do or how to be with those emotions.  So many changes are happening within our own being with ascension symptoms and with the changes in our external world that it can be quite overwhelming.

Many of you have reached out asking for guidance on how to be, how to handle all the emotions that have been coming up.  I have taken your suggestions and felt into it deeper and have created this toolbox for getting through these times.  Not just getting by, but riding this through with a sense of calm and peace.

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