Ravinder Gill is gifted in the use of energy medicine , spiritual guidance, and ascension

processes.  She is the creator of The Soulwork Method and has been delving into the

realms of alternative dimensions and energy grids for over 20 years.


Ravinder navigates the gap between the physical aspect of our issue or condition and their

energetic origins to give you the optimal approach to resolve the issue. Gifted in clairvoyant,

clairaudient and exceptional intuitive skills, she has combined many energetic tools including

higher self to higher self communication, light language, DNA activation, long distance energy healing, spiritual psychotherapy, ascension frequencies, and others to provide what is best suited during each session.


As a Blue Ray Frequency holder, she came in with many abilities and had to shut them down to get through a difficult childhood.  She was guided to leave home in her 20's and her gifts began to reactivate. Over the past several decades she has broadened her scope as she expands her own vibration and continues increasing her knowledge of the subtle energy tools.


She was guided to study molecular biology and understand the molecular level of genetics and to then work in that research field. After several years, the guidance then began to drop hints about natural ways of healing and she studied naturopathic medicine. This was all to prepare her for the deeper understanding of our DNA as well as the understanding of Dis-Ease being a physical, mental and energetic state. 


Over the past 20 years, Ravinder Gill has also had an extensive wellness practice. As a board certified naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist and craniosacral therapist she has seen firsthand the connection between the physical and the energetic when it comes to healing physical and emotional issues.


For fun, she loves communing with nature whether being on a hike or being at a beach in water. She also enjoys travel and experiencing the different frequencies of various regions and remembering past lives while there. Sedona, Costa Rica and Kauai are some of her favourite soul nourishing places.


She has given thousands of one on one online sessions on clients with a diverse range of issues and each session helps her learn and expand her own knowledge base. During her private sessions, she utilizes The Soulwork Method to teach her clients self empowerment and assist them in becoming the best versions of themselves forming stronger connections to their higher self and soul as they expand and raise their vibration. Her clients see results as they continue with their sessions in the form of increased clarity, deeper insight and recognizing their own inner voice.  


Ravinder holds space for each client creating a safe container to allow for deep vulnerable issues to unfold and with her guidance facilitates their experiential shift. She encourages the conscious evolution and personal transformation of each individual towards their brilliance and abundance so they can live a life of greater harmony and flow as they cultivate a soul aligned existence.