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It's time to clear it!


Raising Self Mastery

Liberating the Solar Plexus

We are in the greatest shift in humanity's history, and now is the time we need to be in our center to state what is right for us and create those changes. This is a part of the evolution of becoming a sovereign human being. This will also lead to the ability to make changes in our lives and learning to flow from a place of inner trust. This ability to adapt and move through change can be a difficult one and even more so when our power center is blocked. This has been coming up in private sessions and it is sooo important in letting us access who we are that I felt strongly to offer this as a group clearing. You will feel so amazing after. The relief and peace of feeling like the version of you that you always wanted to be.

You know that shakey feeling you get in the solar plexus? 

It is underlying a deep separation from your own light.

It's time to clear it!

Knowledge &


Learn the ways in which this chakra system has been used and manipulated creating feelings of insecurity and lowered self esteem. How some of these ways of being go all the way back to Egypt. How contracts were formed. How after many lifetimes of being persecuted for showing humanity a better, we have developed strong barriers to hide our light and our grounded center.

Reinvite courage into your reality

Participate in the process of clearing out old programs that are holding you back and keeping you small. Engage in activating the inner knowing and strength you have always had. We will be retrieving parts of the solar plexus, clearing out inverted matrix programming and devices allowing that area to reintegrate and operate as it was intended.

We are at a pivotal time in history. It will be time soon to stand up and say NO. Are you ready?

The solar plexus is very hijacked and hides a very important part of our true essence. In this workshop, I will guide you to see and feel all the layers and implants etc. that have made the solar plexus our hiding place. Many of our past lives have involved trying to share information to enlighten people and empower them only to be met with persecution of all kinds, torture, being burned at the stake etc. We learned that it was dangerous to shine our light and have created intricate and complex ways to block it. This core area IS where we have hidden our light beneath so many layers that we've lost touch with it. Many contracts to keep that area under wraps have also been created since Egyptian times until now.

It is time now to dissolve all the barriers that are keeping it hidden and shine. Explore the deeper workings of this chakra and and the layers of protection and implants overlaying it. This clearing will unleash your inner self assuredness and knowing to help you head towards a 5D life. Join me for an online clearing and activation.

Purchase this pre-recored workshop and take back control over the potent anti-inertia provider in your being. Unlimited viewings!


Time to shine our light.

Yoga at Home


I was aware of so much space there! Then when you moved into the tar layer, that is exactly what it felt like and I could get there. I’ve never known there to be so much space in there. Feels light in there, was heavy!


I went from needing a pick axe and a bucket for taking things out of there to at the end wearing a crown and stoking a fire. I got my sovereignty!


In a recent meditation, the light could not come in, I felt a block of steel right in front of me, the more I prayed it became a big block of heavy stones. And now I can feel that the light is coming in- a beam of light is focusing in there and clearing it out. Felt good by the end, feeling lighter.


I had a lot of purging, couldn’t stop crying. A lot of emotions, grief, sadness, anger, frustration coming up. Lots of releasing with yawning, burping. When you talked about Egyptian, I had a vision of all of us very powerful beings just surrendering our power and giving it away. It was very powerful!


I felt, almost like in my solar plexus like a hole and this very bright light coming out of it. Very thin, very bright light was coming out in the beginning coming through an empty cavern. Such a piercing light that came from my solar plexus. I wanted to make it bigger and bigger.