Upgrade Your Heart Frequencies

The advanced frequencies for the heart coming in & are here for us to integrate and upgrade if we choose


As we raise our frequencies and transform into higher vibrational beings, the higher heart will play a very important role in allowing us to become the interdimensional beings that we are meant to be.

There is opportunity for some of these energies to access our higher heart. The higher heart, i.e. the thymus gland, carries the energy and information for multidimensional travel.

Explanations on what some of the frequencies transform and upgrade

Heart Activation includes

Unlimited access to the activations for continuous uplevelling at your convenience

Heart Activation includes

2-part activation to improve the interface of the energies and the heart

Clearing the Blocks

These blocks may be old life experiences that created pain, negative emotions stuck in the heart.

As these blocks are cleared and removed, more space is created for the energies to come in. The energies are very intelligent and as I facilitate the clearing, I will also guide the energies and use intention to help you integrate them, providing the greatest opportunity for changes to take place for your highest potential at this time. Some of the benefits of integrating these high-vibe heart frequencies are raising cellular vibration, increasing the electromagnetic field of the heart and much more. 

I am so excited to be your facilitator for this activation. It will be my greatest honour and joy to have be a part of this great awakening.

Blue Rayven


Integrate very high vibrational heart frequencies with these pre-recorded activations.

Are You Ready?

In these pre-recorded sessions, I will guide you to:

Image by Fuu J


Break free of the inverted matrix layers in the heart that are now ready to go. Feel the lightness as these layers are removed.



To align your heart's energy to the frequencies coming in.

Image by Darius Bashar


How to activate and integrate those alignments for further expansion of the heart. To experience more unconditional love and light.