Are you wanting to die or are old versions of you leaving?

During my one-on-one sessions and with my own personal experience there are some interesting experiences happening. Old versions of you are leaving. They may make you feel like you want to die, they may make you feel anxious, uncomfortable or like you want to jump out of your skin and scream in anger. But you are not dying and nor do you actually wish to die. The old parts of you, wounded parts of you that are ready to leave, that you are ready to let go of and move beyond are dying. Untethering actually, it can be a slow painful and sticky process depending on how deep it goes, how deep the tentacles are, how embedded this pattern or behaviour was and how frequently it played out.

There can be an angry version of you, one who resented the treatment by a parent growing up, then recreated that experience in school via someone being a bully and new experiences in adult life also happened that created a feeling of being a victim, of the unfairness the injustice and hence the bitterness anger and rage. These can be very sticky versions of us.

As our frequency gets higher, these versions can no longer feel a frequency match to stay, hence the uncomfortable or anxiety type feelings with some of them as it is uncomfortable to have a frequency within your body that you are no longer a match for. The tentacles start to dissolve and some are sticky as the ego programming still thinks you might need that angry version to protect yourself someday, but your higher aspect and the frequency of your body know it is time to let it go.

Growing pains is another way to look at it, the uncomfortable sometimes painful ways in which we go through growth sometime embracing it and at other times conflicted as our own resistance of letting go of what has been comfortable comes up.

Holding space and acknowledging these aspects of you is very important. Finding each one, each experience from the 3 year old, the 13 year old, the 33 year old and so on. Finding each experience and each permutation of the reasoning for the rage is so important to be able to then hold space for each of those wounded versions, holding space and then stillpointing them out of your being.

This is such a freeing and liberating experience. Everyone I have worked with exclaims how they feel like they have been born anew!

With love and blessings,


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