I call bullshit

Please read this to the very end as it is not about doom and gloom. Also, I have the utmost respect and love for our brothers and sisters who are sharing their channeling and providing us with intel and as much information to assist us all in this collective journey. You all are such brave heroes!

I was triggered today, pretty angry with myself and frustrated. I realized that I felt the same way as I did when I was much younger and could foresee shit that was going to have long term negative consequences and when I would point it out to my family they just couldn't understand where I was coming from and looked at me like I was crazy. So I would shut my mouth and play along with everything and pretend it was all fine while the tightness and dread in my gut would continue to grow. And then inevitably the consequence would play out as I had foreseen and everyone else would be wondering about what or why it was happening having completely forgotten what I had talked to them about it. I would stand around and just observe, keeping my mouth shut, not offering any input as it was so confusing how they could not have seen what seemed so obvious to me and then not remember that I had brought it up. It was like we were on different wavelengths and had I said anything like I had told you about this, they would not have remembered and would again have thought I was crazy. That is how I felt today, frustrated as what I had known was playing out.

At the beginning of the pand__c, I knew we were now heading into a time where the world was heading into a precipice of major change and now the battle between light and dark was playing out in haste. But I also knew that it needed to play out to a certain extent to help people wake up and then the higher outcome of breaking the enslavement of humanity was going to happen. Also, within a few months of the pand___c, I saw that some people had woken up, but the majority were buying into it completely and were no longer able to think for themselves at all. I mentioned to a few people that the restrictions etc. now needed to be nipped in the bud and we needed to let our public servants know that their rules were not ok. But was told by others not to worry as there were some lawyers in different parts of the world planning class action lawsuits and it will all end. I kept my mouth shut as my inner knowing knew that those lawsuits were never going to get anywhere as there was not much momentum behind them. That very few of the people who were unhappy with the unfolding of events were even donating money to them and that this was going to get serious. And that it was super important to let the public officials know from the get go that we were on to them. But, I did not express my feelings as when I did try, I was told no no don't worry, the lawsuits are going to take care of it.

And then as things continued to unfold and things got crazier, I kept hoping for more people to wake up only to realize the brainwashing had been going on for far too long and had taken over any opportunity of critical thinking. There wasn't going to be much of an impact made by continuing to try to get people to see all the holes in the story as they didn't want to see them or would dismiss the idea of there being any holes in the narrative.

In the past decade or so, whenever I would scan how this period of our collective history would look, it always looked like things would get very intense before getting better. Like very intense.

Now from previous experience I know that some of you are going to read this with a filter and dismiss it and say well it's all perfectly designed so get over it and not bother truly understanding the message I am trying to relay here. Just to be clear, it is all perfectly designed moment by moment for what is needed in the moment. BUT, it is up to us to accelerate or slow down and/or create the type of moment by moment creation.

So fast forward to the "event" today. Jan. 20, 2021 to be clear…

I have never seen this whole experience that we are in play out the way so many were indicating. I do know that everything plays out exactly as is needed and everything is perfectly designed. However, I have kept my mouth shut about what I was feeling even when I saw that the outcome was not looking good at all. Many had said, don't worry Tee is going to win the election, I stayed silent and decided I liked that outcome better than the one I saw so went with it. And he didn't(yes yes there was a whole heck of a lot of fraud, but that wasn't the point, the point was that so many were saying he'd be in). Then many said that all the dirt was going to come out about the fraud and Tee was going to be inaugurated or that there would be another election and he'd win it that way. Again, didn't see that, but decided I liked that version better than what I saw so decided to keep quiet and went with it.

Now we saw who got inaugurated today. Many have also said that this is a false inauguration, and that things are going to shift soon, don't worry. I'm not getting the clarity on this one.

And now I've decided I can no longer stay quiet. I have to share what I see and what my knowing is. Take it or leave it, see what resonates for you. And I had to clear the part of me that was upset about denying my own knowing and not following what it was telling me.

The biggest reason that I have not shared is that most people I know would dismiss what I saw because someone they trust more saw things differently or that the latest intel indicated a completely different scenario. This is what I've been noticing. That so many want intel, they want to "know" what's going on as that helps calm the fears. People get all excited when they've watched the latest video with so and so or so and so because this is about to happen or that is about to happen. Someone had been saying for months that Tee was going to get back in as that is what the Galactics wanted. That the Galactics were not going to allow anymore of the agenda to play out period and therefore Tee was in. Or that the insurrection act was going to enacted upon. That the vacc___n agenda wasn't going to happen. And I didn't want to be the party pooper. Or the person that amongst some spiritual circles is that person who just brings negativity to the picture and others want them to stop. I've been listening to all of these conversations and partaking in them as though I believe it all and do in the moment while denying my own knowing. Getting excited when others are and doubting myself as how can I be so off track, or I must be picking up a distorted stream, but always had that same feeling of dread and tension inside my gut.

As I said, I do play along as I assume that other people who have gifts know what they are seeing and they state it with such confidence that I start to question my own knowing and keep quiet. I start to feel the excitement for an outcome that everyone else is talking about even though my insides are tightening up and telling me a different story.

But I can no longer stay quiet.

Here's what I have seen…

I have seen the level at which this game has been played on so many planes, levels and realms. And how it is being played in the higher realms. This is a Galactic and Universal battle and planet Earth is part of this. The battle has been going on for a very long time and is reaching a peak. The brilliance and strategies that have been used by those who wish to continue the enslavement is unbelievable and I have come to have a "wow" factor about the genius of it.

I've seen how the Dracos and Reptilians have tried to over write and override Source. Yes, they did. Well it didn't work. And when that didn't work, I've seen how they tried to create their own version of Source, their own construct with its own energy field. It worked for a bit…, but alas also not working as nothing can override the Source of all there is including them themselves. Then they have tried creating many constructs in between realms and in between dimensions. Some have worked very effectively for a long time, and some of the new ones are working currently while other new ones are not. There is so much more here I could get into, but it would take away from the real reason I am sharing this.

A few years ago, I also became aware that they had put in an overlay of the 3D inverted matrix on top of the organic 3D matrix and were ready to subvert it as the frequencies went higher. Luckily that was taken care of when I pointed it out, the Galactics took care of it.

Currently the inverted 3D is running like a headless machine. The main switch coming from the moon and a few other areas may have been turned off, but a big portion of the AI technology is still running. Some of it is fizzling out and dissolving while other aspects are still operating very well. At the same time, there is new technology and new strategies constantly being added.

For example, a few months ago a huge barrier was placed over the globe and it was very very thick over the US especially only allowing about 1% of the light codes to come through to the average person in America. For those at a higher consciousness they were able to access the codes easier. But it was literally preventing the light codes to raise the consciousness of a large portion of the population.

Recently an attempt was made to disembody light workers from their soul so that they would not have access to their light, vibration and frequency and anchor it on the planet. This would reduce the impact they are having on holding and anchoring the high vibration and the energetic space for the planet. This would then reduce the chances of higher vibrational outcomes to occur here on this planet. This was sent out as a pulsed wave of energy and created such a jarring sensation of shock to the body that the soul jumped out.

Currently there is another level of energy being sent through to create more 2D people. As in those that are still in the inverted 3D are being sent waves upon waves of a frequency to again get them to disembody their souls and become part of the 2D humans. 2D humans are those that have incarnated here, but do not have their own individual soul, they share a collective soul and their job is to be the parrots for the dark agenda. They will make sure that all the rules will be followed, they cannot think critically at all and will make sure that you follow the rules too.

This is a similar strategy to what I described above about the lightworkers, but light workers are not capable of becoming 2D people, however some of the people that are still very much in the inverted 3D are capable of becoming 2Ders. Their individual soul leaves and they then incorporate the collective soul of the 2Ders.

And then on another level, the hypnotic brain washing is at an all time high via the oh so trusted MSM. Whatever is shared by the MSM is parroted right back by the general public with absolute conviction even if it completely contradicted something that was said a week ago. That is full on hypnosis.

Several high frequency people have indicated that the Vacc___n agenda was not going to be allowed to play out and then several months later the information changed to well those that want it will get the chance to get it, but it won't be mandated. I'd love to share that view, but that's not what I see. The reports of the number of deaths so far from it are astounding, but are completely overlooked or yet again included in the numbers of the C____d deaths by the MSM. And those that have seen the reports of the real reason for those deaths justify it as science.

I haven't even touched upon the level of interference we all have as humans having agreed to come here and have this experience. It is a lot!!

What I am trying to say is that I see this playing out pretty intensely for a bit more time, but this year it will start to shift. Just not in the way the intel necessarily claims. I just don't want us to focus on the intel. As an aside, I also wonder but not as a knowing whether the clones that have been inaugurated are going to play out the higher agenda as they have more of the trust from the collective than Tee did so we will know very soon if that is the case or if they just continue to be the puppets of the darker forces. I just need to be honest now and share what I need to share.

Let me be clear, I am super positive and happy about what the outcome is going to be, but I can no longer support and pretend to be happy and excited about some intel when I am being shown the exact opposite.

I can see that many lightworkers are getting a distorted stream of information coming through compliments of those that run the inverted matrix. I see the distorted stream. Why is this happening? To keep us the awakened collective feeling like we just have to be patient and sit back and let things play out.

Some of the higher beings that are being channeled do have their own agenda which is different than the outcome we all want for humanity and for reaching the organic 5th Dimension. Yes, this is the case. Some are threatened by how powerful we are and what that would mean for them once we really integrate the full potential of the super HUman that we are destined to become and are becoming.

I also see that some of the higher beings that some are channeling want us to believe that everything is going to work out which IS a good thing. (Please know that I have the greatest respect and love for our brothers and sisters who are channelling and sharing that information with us all.) Because it IS all going to work out, we are on that trajectory. We are powerful creator beings so holding onto that vision is extremely important. However, many of these light beings have never incarnated on a physical realm. They do not have an understanding of how things play out on a physical realm. They do not understand that if your house is on fire that you do need to physically put it out. Because they know it is all a hologram and therefore the fire can be put out with our consciousness. But currently, while your house is on fire you would not sit back and go into a higher consciousness state alone. You would be in a higher consciousness state while putting the fire out. Does that make sense?

At the same time, I really want to emphasize that a wonderful layer of energy came in from the higher realms near the end of December indicating that the battle that has been for the most part won on the higher realms will now start its physical manifestation in our realm. Which is fantastic in the greatest possible way! What I am saying is that these physical manifestations of the positive outcome need all of us be in alignment with it…vibrationally.