The Desire To Check Out Is Real...

Hello beautiful beautiful soul family.

Over the past few weeks many of you have been struggling with moments of wanting to check out. I have been feeling that energy in the collective and that energy has been building over the last 4 weeks. This has been triggered by the emotional fatigue of living in the current 3D reality of rolling lockdowns and the unpredictability of how long this is going to continue for is starting to take its toll. The triggering has also had the benefit of allowing the human collective struggle of living here on this planet to start to come up to the surface from within. The history of that struggle we carry in our DNA as that struggle that has been playing out here for thousands of years. Some form of strife, war or famine are imprinted in every generation and every lineage across the globe and that energy imprinting is now coming to the surface in full force so that we can process it and dissolve it. This ancient collective struggle brings up the feelings of overwhelm and despair to the point where the contemplation of checking out becomes normal and the idea of possibly going through with it can take hold.

This feeling is affecting many of our children, young adults and single people especially single parents. It is also coming into the consciousness of certain starseeds who have a history of depression and not wanting to be here.

Part of this is also from energetic interference, frequencies that are being unleashed increasing the intensity of the feelings of struggle and the possibility of checking out that are already in play. For some it is the right amount of push to give them the motivation to go through with it. And for those who do go ahead and fulfill their transition, they do so as part of their decision making process that they no longer wish to experience the shift that is happening here. Nothing is done without their free will.

And for those who are having these thoughts, but also know that they do not have the intention of leaving then it is important to process these thoughts. These feelings need to be neutralized via tools such as still point methods and the container method that I use in the Soulwork Method and will be made available to you in the upcoming course. You can sit with these feelings and use your intention to be in still point while being a witness for these feelings, acknowledging them until they dissolve. If you feel you need help with this, please reach out. If enough of you do so then I will put together a process for you.

The most important thing to know is that we all agreed to be here at this moment. We all have what it takes to be here at this moment. It may not feel like it at times, but if you go deeper within you will find that knowing is there and realize that that knowing is true.

The reason why we came here now is BECAUSE we wanted to experience this incredible phenomenon of the shift for ourselves and to help others. And we have the tools to not only make it through, but to thrive. We just don’t realize that yet. Over the next 6-12 months, that understanding will become more real.

As I sat down to write this, as I opened my computer, I was drawn to watch a video of a couple I follow on Youtube before starting. Thinking it was procrastination in the moment, little did I know that as I read the comments section of their video, people were expressing their sorrow and heartbreak over another woman who was friends with this couple who had taken her life. This young woman was a bright light and had a strong presence on Youtube sharing her travel journeys and living an unconventional life in a way that seemed like she was following her dreams. It turns out, she wasn't. She had a history of depression as she was not able to align with her soul’s calling, following instead the path that seemed like the cool thing to do and one that her peers had encouraged her to go on as it blended her passion for travel and sharing with others. In a recent video she expressed how she had put on a happy face while feeling empty inside. Her soul had wanted to her to go on a slightly different path and she was not able to heed that calling amongst her confusion and depression. She also was carrying some heavy past life experiences that were influencing her way of being. This struggle came to an end last week as she decided to take her life. As I read all this it confirmed the need to write this post and get it out there.

She was doing the best she could with what she knew how. She was also playing a beautiful role for others in assisting them to wake up to their own levels of depression and struggle and take heed, reevaluate and in several cases she will help them shift perspective and realize how valuable their life is.

So I am writing this for those that are starting to go through the shift. For those that have been working with this for a while, you are already beyond this stage and this may not apply to you, but you may wish to share this with those in your life who are. Many younger adults and those who are sensitive may be struggling with this issue now and over the next 12-15 months. If you are in this category, please do reach out for support in knowing how to shift this and align with the higher frequencies if that resonates for you.

Coming to this planet to live here, to be this current version of human is one of the most difficult journeys that a soul can choose. It is not an easy ride compared to many other options of planets and star systems to live on and experience a much more advanced way of being and one where you stay connected to your soul and your knowing. This separation that we currently have from our soul and our knowing is a very challenging state to be in. We then have to rely on whatever level of access we may have to our intuition and if limited then rely on rational thought, peer and parental influence and societal influence. Do know that that level of access and knowing is increasing in all of us and will make it easier to get the greater perspective of why things are happening that seem so negative and overwhelming. Know that there is a greater reason for all this and everyone is playing their part in making change happen. And that you chose to come here as this is the most exciting place to be in the universe right now.


Know that we are creating a new way of being here.

We are creating and becoming the version of our true HU-MAN potential here.

Remember that this will pass, that we are on the timeline of the shift happening successfully, of the inverted matrix and all of its systems falling and crumbling. Birth and renewal can be a painful process. We are in the active labour stages, the most painful part. Where exhaustion has set in, feelings of hopelessness and despair begin to emerge. Feelings that I just want this over with or to die begin to emerge. Then the need to go deep within and find that inner strength that until we are pushed to our limits we don’t realize we have becomes the reality. And from that deep inner strength where we get to access a small part of our super human-ness, the strength and the will to carry on takes over, the resistance and fear subsides, the ego takes a back seat and ALLOWS the inner knowing of the being that is the human to do what it has been designed to do and the birthing of a new beautiful divine sacred being occurs.

We are in the beginnings of the active labour process now. During this process, the energies coming in along with the increased pressure from the restrictions and changes in the world will play a dance of yin and yang to push us, pressure us to go within, deeper within and access the true core essence and power of the super HUMAN we are in the process of birthing. The ending will be the new beginning and will be beyond anything we could have imagined. It is going to be so so exciting!!

Welcome it and know you are here at the EXACT right time.

Sending you all so much love,

Blue Rayven

If you need assistance with any of this then please do send an email.

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