What is a Timeline?

The perspective that a timeline is a linear course of events that will eventually lead to a certain outcome by a certain date is….false.

A timeline is not linear at all, nothing in the natural world is. A timeline is a sense of a trajectory. Energetically each player within the collective is playing out their own experiences and the summation of which represents the collective as a whole in that trajectory.

Simultaneously our opponent game players are also adding in their inputs and impacts on the experiences brought in by the collective. This game is continues and is unpredictable at times, somewhat predictable in other moments, but overall is being played with the side of the light making shifts, expanding consciousness, and the players of the negative frequency making counter moves and having an unlimited of possibilities for new moves within their artificial intelligence(AI) control structures.

The control structure is designing strategies to maintain control- we shift increase our vibration, increase our frequency. Their AI programs take the new information of our shift, recalibrate and come back with new control frequencies and then we shift and raise our frequency , then they adapt by recalibrating the AI program and the cycle continues. At times the game gets more intense and the trajectory remains stagnant, in a seemingly stalemate. Yet each time we shift and the AI program recalibrates, it becomes less able to control.

This game is each individual’s journey, each person here chooses how they play, whether they play to stay in the game or to extract themselves from it and rise to a new level.

Each time, we are able to get a little more access into the way the game is being played and manipulated thereby seeing some more of the insidious programs that have been implanted deep into the subconscious to keep us under control and more shackles are eliminated taking us further into our freedom, into our freedom codes.

Love and blessings,