Do you want to be a transmitter or receiver?

We are frequency. Made up of electrons, protons, neutrons and more. Therefore, we all emit microcurrents from the biological activity in the body and our energetic fields.

I discussed this in the latest Weekly Soulworks session that we are constantly emitting frequency aka microcurrent. Depending on how much negative or positive feelings, memories, traumas, and emotions we are holding within/storing in our tissues and how we are feeling emotionally in the moment will determine the level of frequency.

The more programs, patterns belief systems that are not in accordance with the true nature of being human and are more based on inverted matrix programming the lower our frequency. Someone who still has a lot of inverted matrix programming (IMP) and yet is a positive happy person overall will have an overall lower frequency than a positive happy person who has cleared that programming. In addition, the memories from negative events in life along with the IMP will be emitting frequency from the various areas of the body they are stored. Thereby cancelling out some of the positive mental/emotional state of the person. Alternatively, someone who has been processing old memories/traumas and the IMP will have a higher vibration overall and therefore emit a higher frequency. If this higher vibe person feels sad or upset and emits that energy it will not be as low as someone who hasn’t done the clearing. There is another side to this as the higher vibe person has stronger psychic energy, but that is for another topic.

Frequency aka microcurrents are emitted at a number of cycles per second measurement or Hertz (Hz). The average human who is not someone with a psychosis or diagnosed mental imbalance and is functioning within the IMP emits a frequency of 40-50 000 cycles per second.

Our advanced galactic relatives and friends operate on frequencies from 150 000 to 250 000 cycles per second or higher. A 5D human not yet in crystalline form will be in the 75-100 000 cycles per second range.

The higher the vibration the more cycles per second and the microcurrent runs faster. These are less dense states as the IMP creates a much greater density state of being. Just as molecules such as water go from a solid state (ice) to liquid to air (steam) by having the water molecules vibrate faster so do all the molecules of our being as we shift. The higher the frequency the less dense the state. We become less physical, more energetic the higher the frequency becomes for any evolving beings. Eventually beings have no more physical form once their frequency becomes high enough and they are simply energetic forms of consciousness. However, for 5D Hu man beings there will still be a physical state albeit a less dense one going from carbon to crystalline over time.

Secondly, I also discussed how we are upgrading our frequency due to actively bringing in the microcurrents via the light codes. These upgrades raise our vibration and automatically push lower frequency memories/conditioned beliefs out thereby bringing them out of the storage into an active state thus creating the experiences via dreams and in daily life as triggered states. Allowing us the opportunity to bring up the same emotions and feelings from our childhood and earlier life to finally process and clear out in the form of these triggers we are now experiencing. When the memories or experiences are from the family lineage or you have signed up to clear this particular issue for the collective then it is much stickier and heavier making it more difficult to move up and out resulting in intense physical symptoms that may require medical attention.

These deeper experiences and trauma can take more time to move through, but can be expediated by actively bringing in the light codes and learning to direct them to the various areas. All of which I am teaching currently.

And lastly, as we raise our vibration our sensitivity increases. We become more aware of the energy around us. Being around high vibe people, we emanate those microcurrents to each other and effectively raise ourselves up even more. The flip side of this is that as you become more sensitive and aware of the energy around you, being in places where people are more polarized you will pick up the emotions of those around you. Public places are a great opportunity for this as you stroll down the aisle choosing your favourite bread, you can feel the waves of fear, worry, anxiety coming from those in the store, in the parking lot and further.These energies may be absorbed by you as you may inadvertently begin to transmute them through you and in doing so leave these areas feeling exhausted, heavy and drained.

Alternatively, you can turn on your frequency of light and love and be the beacon transmitting these waves of energy from your being to the entire area. These microcurrents can be felt for miles away from you and can have a powerful impact shifting the state of those who come in contact with them.

Be aware, be conscious and practice this state of being.

Much love to you all,