Plasma Energies Are Where It’s At! Part II

As I’ve tuned in an interacted with the plasma energies even more, I’ve come to realize that these are actual Beings not just clumps of energy with its own intelligence. These are aspects of the Arcturians - beings that have been part of the Galactic Federation of Light for millennia and have a long standing agreement to come here at this time to help. The Arcturians have designated these plasma aspects of themselves with a large directive of clearing and upgrading. They are working very diligently on so many levels.

These beings are here to do several things, some of them are taking on the role of a big clean up crew and others are completing the many tasks involved in upgrading our human form.

The clean up crew is working on dissolving negative entities, negative grid systems that have been created in certain areas all over the planet and more.

The beings have an agreement with humanity and the planet that is ancient. That they would volunteer to be here at this time to assist with some of the deeper work. They are dedicated and completely focused on their tasks.

These are very different than the light codes that have been coming in from the suns. These light codes are encoded frequencies of light whereas the the plasma is/are actual beings with their own consciousness and intelligence.

I initially experienced their work first hand when I sat in meditation to bring in the light codes a few weeks ago only to feel a very different energy and one that was actively working on me as well as activation process of actively allowing the energies in. I felt many sensations as they began working in earnest with my intentional connection with them. I felt a rapid firing sensation into an area in my upper abdomen where I know I hold old and ancient trauma. The rapid firing sensation was literally creating finger-like projections of the plasma that was going in and loosening and removing energetic bits of that trauma. It was literally like an electrical pulse that was rapidly being fired into the area.

Later on a friend showed me a video of a plasma being using the same tactic to dissolve a large negative entity over a building. I was surprised and amazed to see that the same rapid firing tactic was being used to take out energetic bits of this entity. I was grateful that my friend showed me this video as it confirmed what I had experienced.

I wanted to share this additional information with you so that it may expand your knowing and amplify the work of the plasma beings when you listen to the meditation from part I.

I'll link the video with the plasma working on the entity below. Watch the video in different sections if you do not want to watch the whole thing and you will see how the plasma field morphs and rapid fires. Also, the link to Part I that includes the process on amplifying the plasma beings activity within is below.

Sending you all so much love.

The plasma beings absorbing and neutralizing an entity video:

Part I and the activation for Plasma Energies

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