Plasma Energies Is Where It's At!

The last few weeks have been providing the planet with an amazing experience. There is full on plasma coming here! Various hues of pinks, blues, greens, yellows and so on, all providing information for our entire being to shift. The plasma has it's own intelligence, coming in to our bodies and at times clearing out some old blocks and traumas in our tissues while also upgrading our DNA, making changes at a cellular level and even changing the tissues.

During my interactions with the plasma energies, I have seen new crystalline type structures emerging within my tissues. Such a fascinating experience to see and watch them emerge. I was noticing that my body and our bodies are being not only upgraded with this plasma energy, but being prepared for further advanced upgrades.

The crystalline structures appearing within our flesh are going to acting as energy transmitters and receivers for more light frequency codes that are coming in the future. Getting us ready for an advanced HU-man state. The light within is going to reach such intense levels that if you are not already seeing the crystalline glow on the surface of your skin for those already in a more 5D state then it will be awaiting you once you reach the right frequency match.

The crystalline structures in the tissues were also appearing as part of the ongoing process of transmuting our physical bodies from carbon based to silica and crystal based skeletons.

These are such exciting and intense times. Such a contrast in the spectrum of the joy, bliss and peace felt in us when we are in a 5D state compared to the fear, worry and anxiety experienced when in the 3D state of this current reality. The contrast between the two realities currently operating globally acts as a great barometer of which dimension you are playing in at various times. It plays the role of letting us know when our frequency has dropped and we need to look at why this is happening so that we can shift it and raise our vibration as we desire.

The plasma energies can make us feel incredibly thirsty and dehydrated. If you are experiencing a dry or burning sensation inside your nose, nosebleeds or dried up mucous inside the nostrils know that you are in great need of water and hydration. For some water is enough, but adding in some organic fresh lemon or lime wedges and a pinch of sea salt or Himalayan salt is a great way to also increase the electrolyte balance with the water.

Plasma energies utilize a lot of water to expand, contract, shift, clear out, and transmute the energies in our bodies. If you are feeling fatigue, needing naps or lacking motivation to do the things you need to get done. Give yourself a break and take the time out to as needed.

The meditation process in the video below will assist in allowing the plasma to expand its effectiveness and amplify the process for you. Enjoy! Sending you all love.

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