The Bad Gene

With the energies coming in full force now on quantum steroids so much is coming to the surface from multiple angles. One aspect that I noticed in many of the one on one sessions with clients was the feeling like “I’ve done something wrong, I’m going to get in trouble, I’ve been bad”. As I scanned the collective the “I am bad” theme was coming to the surface for the majority. This theme is a relic in our historical programming of humanity. The “I am bad” theme has played out in an inexhaustible number of ways throughout human history. “I am somehow bad, a sinner, not good enough, dirty, not worthy, I don’t deserve” have all been programmed into the collective via various experiences – all of these programs have the “I am bad” belief at their core.

We had a powerful clearing of these deep imprinted programs during our Weekly Soulworks session last week and will continue to work on them going forward.

The inverted matrix made sure to create the cultural programming from childhood where acting a certain way or being a certain way was given the judgement of “You are a good girl or a bad girl”, “You are a naughty boy” and with those statements usually came a punishment resulting in a reinforcement of the ”I am bad” programming. In childhood, learning occurs through experimenting, pushing boundaries and discovery. A child has no concept that saying a swear word is bad, but feels the shock and possible punishment for saying a word that has no meaning to them. A child may use markers on a wall and have no understanding why that is a problem, be given time out or some other punishment for what was an enjoyable creative experience. The Santa Claus idea of you only deserve gifts at Christmas if you have been nice and similar concepts in non-Western cultures played heavily on the good or bad theme leaving some sensitive children with anxiety about who they were at their core-questioning whether they were bad. They truly believed that some man or entity was watching them 24/7 to see if they are naughty or nice ends up creating many nights of worry and anxiety and trauma in their system. The idea of being stalked and watched by “Santa Claus” plays an extremely negative role in the development of a child’s psyche.

Being “not good” or “not good enough” is another degree of the “I am bad” theme. Every human on the planet has some version of this programming as a core belief from being exposed to it at such a young age.

To add to this good or bad theme, religion played its role bringing in the theme into childhood and adulthood as in Christianity for example that Christ had died for the sins of humanity and anyone who is born here is automatically a sinner, automatically “bad”. The majority of religions have played on this theme, you have to be worthy of being accepted to heaven, of being “deserving” of the label of a good person, a “godly” person. The programming continued.

In today’s world, there certainly is a lessening of the impact of religion on the continued play of the theme, however the core belief is still there from childhood programming due to parenting styles.

When I scan the collective, this theme is so imprinted in humanity that it feels like it is not only the programming, but imprinted in the DNA hence I’m calling it the “bad” gene symbolically. And this imprint is being passed on from generation to generation. The subtle ways in which it shows up are so numerous that most people have no idea how often it is operating in the background of their consciousness.

As deeper imprinted programming starts to come up for all of us, our emotional states will be affected. A part of you may start to feel like you have done something wrong and not sure why. Or feeling like you are going to get in trouble, but can’t think of anything you may have done. These are simply signs that the programming is coming to the surface in you and is ready to be processed and cleared.

You can still sign up for The Weekly Soulworks sessions here. Our next session is on Thursday and we will continue to clear out deeper imprints in our collective psyche as we raise our vibration.

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