The Light Bodies are Activating!

The light bodies are our connection to the energetic realms.

Their activation is KEY to our metamorphosis into multidimensional beings.

During a session of The Weekly Soulworks, I shared information and understanding of what the Light Bodies are and how they work. In the process, we really amped up the activation of the codes coming through the Light Bodies and the INTEGRATION of those codes into our physical.

The light bodies are comprised of the 7 subtle bodies, the Merkaba, the chakras, and the pranic tube. These are all the different areas in which higher frequency light is brought in, transmuted and integrated into our lower frequency physical density form.

The 7 subtle bodies partly exist in the auric field and the higher frequency ones are further out. The higher frequency bodies such as the Causal body, the Celestial body and the Etheric Template body bring in higher vibrational light and they transmit that light to the Astral body which then filters it, transmutes it to a lower frequency level for the Emotional body, Mental body and Etheric body which then transmute the light even further to allow it to be accessible by the heavier density of our physical body. In the same way the chakras and the pranic tube bring in the higher light from these subtle bodies and bring it in to be utilized by the physical body.

Once the light bodies are fully activated, we will become full Multidimensional Beings with the ability to move through various dimensions, visit other places on Earth and other planets and have the full access to our knowing and Soul.

The gradual leveled activation has amped up over the past couple of weeks and the light codes from the Galactic Central Sun and our Sun in this solar system along with the codes coming from our Galactic family members are being transmitted down now with a specific engagement of the light bodies. This is going to bring on more physical symptoms as the transformation and transmutation process that needs to happen in our much denser physical bodies to be transmitters of these Light bodies requires a massive remodelling of the physical body from its current state.

The intention of The Weekly Soulworks sessions is to not give intel for the sake of information, but to provide information in a unique way to let it integrate into you and expand your consciousness. This then allows the Activation Process to have a greater impact as the accessibility to the light code activations increases exponentially.

My purpose is to teach to integrate and activate your own codes. My purpose is to utilize the frequency that comes through me from my Divine Organic Soul to activate your frequency and create more access for you for the Light Codes to come in. Cocreating an Expansion of Consciousness and Higher Vibration for us all.

With love and blessings,


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Ravinder Gill is gifted in the use of energy medicine , spiritual guidance, and ascension processes. She is the creator of The Soulwork Method and has been delving into the realms of alternative dimensions and energy grids for over 20 years.

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