The Power of Presence

It is becoming increasingly difficult to be present in the moment. Our minds seem to have increased their propensity for non-stop thoughts that do a great job of taking us out of the present moment and put us into our heads.

The ego is going through a challenging time currently as more programming dissolves and as a result it is keeping the mind spinning, trying to reinforce stories or negative emotions in the mind to give the ego something to hold on to. You may be experiencing old rage, grief or poor me moments that you have not felt in years or since childhood and here they now are becoming a never ending spin cycle in your head.

The ego really is doing it's best to hold on. Allow yourself to know that. That you don't need to be worried as to why all of a sudden these old memories or intense emotions are taking up so much of your energy and conscious thoughts. No, you have not gone backwards from all the work you may have already done on those particular issues. And no your frequency is not dropping. This is all part and parcel of more of the old dissolving to make way for the new. So allow yourself to realize that and pivot to finding ways to recenter yourself.

Being present, practicing mindfulness is a wonderful tool right now. During this time being clear on knowing that your inner wisdom is working through stuff to work it out can make it easier to step away from the monkey mind spin and find ways to come back into presence.

Being present is also a great tool for taking us out of the spin being heard on our mainstream media, takes us out of fear and worry and brings in the peace that comes with being completely in the moment. Shutting everything down, TV, devices, even music is a very healthy thing to do regularly and come back into the now. Many of you are familiar with this way of being, but I was guided to share this as a reminder for us as with everything going on, it is easy to get overwhelmed and forget what works.

In the NOW moment, nothing else exists. In the NOW moment, nothing else matters, no future, no past. In the NOW moment we can fully connect to our being and be with ourselves.

Finding ways to bring yourself back into the NOW moment as it will connect you to a higher level of the human grid and the 5th dimensional frequency grid. This elevation in connection happens quite naturally when practicing being presence, hence the power of presence. I will outline some below.

Being in nature, really BEING in nature is the best way to connect back in, plug back into the frequency of stillness and presence. Watching animals in nature as they are being completely in the moment is wonderful. The trees in a forest, watching and being fully attentive to the way their branches sway in the wind, the energy they emanate, the sounds made by the leaves rustling in the wind are all wonderful ways we can plug ourselves back into presence.

Once you have given yourself some quality time in nature, bring that back with you and when possible, be intentionally aware of your movements and the sensations of touch as you reach and grab a mug, feel the smoothness of its exterior, listen to the sound it makes as you place it on the counter. Listen to the sound of the liquid being poured into it, the stirring sound of the teaspoon.

Pay attention to the pressure of the floor against the soles of your feet as you are walking in your home, or how different the carpeted areas feel compared to the flooring, listen to the sound your heels make as they make contact with the ground.

Listen to the hum of the fridge in the background, the silence in between it’s humming, the sounds of your pet changing positions as they lie next to you.

There are so many ways that you can create presence in your day after you have given yourself the opportunity to plug back into presence. I find it can take a good hour at least being in nature to plug back in.

Once you feel that your nervous system has relaxed, your breathing is now in sync with nature, in sync with the rhythm of all that connects us, of all that creates us. This takes us straight to our natural way of being, natural flow and ease with no ego interfering. In this state, the oneness of all is accessible, you can breathe it in, absorb it into every pore. Once you have achieved that state, then let yourself come back home and allow any action to become your meditation of being in the moment. This may take some practice to achieve that state. Enjoy the practice of presence.

What is your favourite way of practicing mindfulness?

Blessings and love,


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