Crystalline Energies on Steroids!

Yesterday, I had several people reach out who were feeling quite ill from all the changes going on in their system. As we continue to head into the May burst, with solar activity increasing, Schumann resonance going off the charts and the Crystalline Diamond Light Codes now coming in and integrating, things are bursting!

The Crystalline Diamond Light Codes are beyond brilliant, so unique, so exquisitely subtle and yet off the charts powerful. They are bringing online the crystalline frequencies from within, connecting each of us to a higher level of the human grid collective and to the crystalline grid of all beings. The grid through which we can communicate with each other without trying whether plant, animal, insect or other worldly being. This is the beginnings of that capacity!

The energies now are allowing for a significant stream of the old lower frequency operating system to leave, completely leave. Because the crystalline energies have such a high vibration, parts of the old operating system within us can't stay. The part that has kept us in a slave state, seeing ourselves as "the little human" that felt so insignificant allowing others to rule over us, tell us what to do, how to live, making us feel leaving! This is huge!! It is a dark black soot like cloudy energy, I felt it pouring up and out of me last night as I was listening to last Thursday's Weekly Soulworks process. The black soot was palpable as it was being sucked out.

For many there may be some struggle in the physical body as it goes through the process of this core energy leaving, you may feel nausea, headaches, and vomiting over the last few days and the next few. It can be really intense. Just let the energies go as best as you can.

The plasma energy meditation has definitely assisted in clearing this out more efficiently. But what has really helped people are the processes we have been doing during The Weekly Soulworks sessions. Last night I started to feel some nausea and as I spoke on the phone with my partner, he had been feeling that way all day. He stressed that he may have to hang up as he felt like throwing up and I immediately got the message that we both needed to relisten to last Thursday's session. As we hung up we agreed to call each other after and see how the other was doing. I started the process on my end and halfway through is when the black soot left, just pulled out of me. Who knew that it was there?!? We both chatted after doing the process independently as I am in the country and he's in the city and he had the same experience, the feeling of this dark energy being sucked out of him! We both felt so much better and were ready for a good night's sleep.

These sessions in The Weekly Soulworks are allowing us to cocreate a powerful energetic integration of the shift energies so much so that the physical discomfort is completely minimized. We don't need to have such an intense physical experience of it all if we stay on top of it.

The next group of sessions for The Weekly Soulworks starts

Thursday June 3 at 7pm EST.

If you would like to join the registration will be up June 2.

I will be hosting a FB live event this Thursday, May 21 at 7pm where you can learn what it's about and ask questions about the ascension process and symptoms. Click here to attend.

Everyone is having such a great expansion within and a more complete experience of the energetic changes.

"I have felt such an acceleration in my ascension process." - Jean

"The activation processes are allowing me to ride the wave of the shift rather than get stuck in the intense physical symptoms." - Jen

"I felt expanded and my heart area opening. Also, I’m not sure how to describe it, but when you exhaled deeply almost like blowing out it was like I felt it right in my chest area both times. I’m still new to many of the things but I’m so excited, open, and looking forward to this journey." - Angela